SB ZP750
Vital statistics
Faction Affiliation Nazi
Manufacturer Unknown
Category Nazi Vehicle
Accessibility Fully Collectible

The ZP-750 is the Nazi patrol motorcycle, with a seat for the driver and a side car for a passenger. The armed variant is deployed on Alarm 1. The armed variant has an MG-42 machine gun mounted for attacking power.

Description Edit

The ZP-750 is fairly fast with a rapid acceleration. As well as it's strong acceleration, the ZP-750 has fantastic handing allowing it to make rapid turns and makes for a good chase vehicle. It is often taking a lead ahead of the Sturmwagen in alarms. It's MG-42 variant can be very dangerous to the player's vehicle if inside the MG-42's cone of fire for long. The ZP-750 is an effective assault vehicle, especially against the player when on foot, but it's major weakness is that it can not take much damage. Often if the player rams a ZP-750 when it is driving towards the player, the motorcycle will explode or start on fire. This means that it is very vulnerable on the road. The MG-42

also has a Siren used during an Alarm but can't be used by Sean.The ZP-750 is made quite unique as it is the only motorcycle in the game and most vehicles found in the game are 4 wheel cars. Because it has a side car, it still controls fairly similar to a car, but it has very sharp turning and can be hard to drive because of how quickly it turns. Because of this, it is also fairly prone to crashing, and since it has very little durability, it is very easy to destroy if crashed to many times.

Gallery Edit

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