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Garage picture of the Wulf Tank.


The Wulf is a Nazi German super heavy tank in The Saboteur. It is the biggest obtainable tank in the game. It is, in some circumstances, the tank most difficult to acquire in the game. Of all tanks, the Wulf is the strongest. It is armed with twin cannons and a machine gun. It deals very high damage and is capable of destroying most enemy tanks and installations in one hit. It also has very heavy armor and is capable of withstanding many explosions before exploding.

As with the the other tanks, the Wulf is capable of damaging other vehicles by running into them. Driving into a car at low speed will usually set it on fire. If a car crashes into the tank at high enough speed, the car may instantly explode.


The Wulf is a fictional tank that is essentially a fusion of the German Maus and E-100 super heavy tank projects carried out by Adler and Porsche respectively. The turret however is completely fictional and is taken from a variety of "Flakpanzer E-100/Maus" models created by modelling communities based on the concept of a super heavy Flakpanzer. The turret is supposedly armed with dual 88mm flak guns and given the size of the turret presumably features some form of auto-loading mechanism, so would possess quite the rate of fire, with armor penetrating properties similar to that of the 88mm L/71 found on the Tiger 2. The turret would be significantly slower to traverse than is presented in game, given its weight (which given it is presumably similar in weight to the Maus turret, would weigh around 58 tonnes, which is about the weight of a Tiger 1!) and, whilst not unreasonable given the size of the vehicle, unless some form of adapted aircraft engine is used, the speed and acceleration of the vehicle would most likley be much less than what is portrayed in game. The hull of the vehicle possess the shape of the Maus, with a much steeper upper front plate, sides that are essentially squashed versions of the E-100's protective skirts, the rear plate of the E-100, the rear fuel tank from the Maus, the frontal roof vents from the Maus, rear roof vents from theE-100 and the road wheel design and tracks from the E-100.


The Wulf can be spotted in many areas in the world, mostly in the countryside. Ones that are occupied are heavily guarded. There is one that is unoccupied, and you can find it in the location in this video.


  • Wulf tanks are sent at level 5 alarms to take down Sean. Interestingly, they only appear to spawn while the player is on foot; if the player attempts to flee in a vehicle, Wulf tanks to not appear at all.
  • You can easily retrieve this vehicle to your garage, wearing a disguise.
  • There appears to be a glitch where the Wulf takes damage whenever the cannons in its turret get stuck on an object. If the player is not careful, this can rapidly cause damage and result in the tank's destruction.


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