Hey everyone, I'm UnknownToaster. I'm a contributor here at The Saboteur Wiki and a game enthusiast, but most importantly, a huge fan of The Saboteur. When I came to this Wiki, there were no active admins or users, and I felt heavily that this is something that could be changed. I have gone through the Wiki Adoption process and become the Wiki's new admin in hopes to clean up this Wiki, add much more new content, update and expand on what's already here, help build a community, and my most crucial goal, to make information on this game available to those who need it.

Anyone reading this post is likely a Saboteur fan, and seen or played it at least once. What this means to me is that you most likely know something about this great game. I am of the opinion that this means you have something useful you can contribute to this Wiki, and I very much support that. Please consider making additions to any page you feel is missing something, or adding pages for things that don't yet have a page. Anything you can add to this Wiki directly benefits everyone involved and the readers of this Wiki, so I really hope users will consider joining and staying.

Further, if anyone has questions, suggestions, ideas, or anything else, please stop by and leave me a message. I won't mind one bit. Thank you everyone, I really you taking the time to read this! The new admin, UnknownToaster (talk) 02:44, January 21, 2015 (UTC)

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