Hello, everyone!

I'm UnknownToaster and been editing this Wiki as of lately and seen that the Wiki is in a bit of a mess currently. There are many duplicate pages varying in quality that need to be combined, many stub pages for major mechanics and characters, and overall a need for more and better content.

I have been updating the Wiki and plan to do so for as long as I can. As of currently, neither of the Wiki's administrators have made any edits since 2012, and I feel this Wiki needs an administrator. As a major fan of the game with much interest in updating this Wiki and expanding the community, I think I make for a good candidate for Adoption of this Wiki.

As part of the process, it's important that I alert any members left on this Wiki of my plans to adopt the Wiki, and I would love to hear what others think. Regardless of the results, I plan to keep updating this Wiki the best I can.

My hopes are to make this Wiki the best it can possibly be, and if nothing else I'd just love for more users to come and make their own contributions as well. But we do need an administrator to keep a watch and make sure all these contributions are made with good intentions.

Thanks everybody, happy editing!

UnknownToaster (talk) 20:04, January 8, 2015 (UTC)

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