heres some of my ideas for sabteur 2(if they had it)

location:japan or italy

weapons:same weapons from the previous game just without th terror would also include american weapons,italian weapons,snd japenies weapons

gameplay:a little bit diffrent from sabateur,its not one big ol city with enemies ocuping it,there would be bases(american and japenese or italin),there would be cities that you can go into(you must a disguese thou,same with japenese or italin bases)

vehicles:jeeps,japenise cars(if in japan),italin cars(if in italy),there would be air vehicles(but they need fuel)

enemies:japenies soldiers(with a special type:banzai charger) or italin soldiers

story: a american who is a mercanry hired by the us goverment and is sent to japan/italy to help out the troops<the goverment hands you papers(some for acsess to bases)the story starts off with the progainsit standing around spying and caught by some soldiers......i will make a pt 2 to this blog

Atomichunter 01:00, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

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