Silver Dart
SB SilverDart
Vital statistics
Faction Affiliation Nazi
Manufacturer Doppelsieg Motorworks
Category Race Car
Accessibility Fully Collectible

The Silver Dart is one of the most popular vehicles manufactured and designed by Doppelsieg Motorworks. It is used by many of the Doppelsieg Crew in races, such as the Saarbrücken Grand Prix.

Game Description:"Fast on the straightaway, but handles like a kayak. Made famous by winning races all over Europe in the 1920's.

Speed 8

Acceleration 6

Background Edit

The Silver Dart is used by many race drivers, most notably the Doppelsieg Crew. While a popular car, there are multiple variations of this vehicle. The Silver Dart is the most available model made by Doppelsieg Motorworks. Less common is the Silver Dart derivative, the Silver Claw MK1: similar to the Silver Dart but exclusive to Kurt Dierker.

The Silver Dart is one of the best race cars obtainable before the Aurora and Silver Claw MK2 are accessible. It has a fast high speed despite it's poor handling.

Trivia Edit


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