Saboteur separates itself from the pack of WWII games out of the gate with its story. Whereas the majority of WWII games cast you in the role of a soldier fighting in the Allied forces, Saboteur casts you as an average Irish dude named Sean Devlin.

~By Ricardo Torres, GameSpot in 'The Saboteur first look'


The first scene of "The Saboteur" is Sean Devlin sitting in a strip club, known as Le Belle, when he is approached by one of the main characters, Luc, who tells him that he can tell Sean is not the average drunk. He tells Sean that he notices the hatred Sean feels toward the Nazis and tells Sean to meet him in the next street over if he wants to do something about it. Of course that being the main objective you walk over to the next alley and Luc tells Sean that they are going to sabotage one of the Nazi fueling stations. Once you are finished sabotaging the fuel depot you go into a flashback.

In 1940 Sean comes to Saarbrücken's Grand Prix. He almost wins the race but is cheated at the last minute by German Nazi Colonel Kurt Dierker, who later becomes the main antagonist. He shoots the wheels of the Aurora, Sean's race car. Later that day, looking for petty revenge, Sean and his friend, Jules Rousseau, go to a Nazi camp and drive Dierker's car of a cliff. Dierker catches Sean and Jules, and tortures them, thinking Sean and Jules were British spies. Eventually Dierker kills Jules, but Sean managed to escape. Sean runs to Paris under the Nazi conquest, and joins the French Resistance. The war is just the background of the story; Sean's passion is to avenge his best friend's death, and kill Kurt Dierker.

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