MP44 Sabotuer

The MP44


The MP44 MG is a relatively common weapon in the game. Used by SS forces as their primary rifle, it provides moderate power and accuracy alongside a fast fire rate. It is available in the Black Market for 300 contraband.


The Machinenpistole 44 is a late-war weapon produced by Nazi Germany for its elite SS and Wehrmacht troops. Also known as the Sturmgewehr, or "Storm Rifle," it was the first assault rifle ever created. Chambered in the 7.92x33K "short" round, it was the inspiration for the AK-47 and its 7.62x39mm bullet.


The MP44 MG has moderate accuracy and power, coupled with a fast rate of fire. It is effective in medium and close ranges, and is best balanced by a rifle or accurate pistol.

Time Mistake

Although this weapon was first available in 1943 with the designation MP43, it is available in The Saboteur. This is odd, seeing as how it takes place in 1940-1941. This would mean that the weapon would not be available in game. It is likely that it was put in because Pandemic Studios needed a weapon that would be a step up from the MP40 SMG and it was of Nazi origin; they likely ignored the fact the MP44 MG would not be around at the time.

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