Le Havre
Vital statistics
Type Town
Area Le Havre
Location Normandy
Country France SB France

Le Havre is a port town in the French region of Normandy. Its most notable landmark is The Citadel, a zeppelin port at the most northern point of the town that Kurt Dierker would use to travel between Berlin and occupied France.

Description Edit

Le Havre is located northwest of Paris and lies at the mouth of the River Seine.

The town faces the English Channel making it of strategic importance to the Nazis for their planned invasion of the United Kingdom under Operation Sea Lion.

Amenities Edit

The Citadel – A ruined fort, now re-purposed as a Nazi zeppelin station.

Church Headquarters – The town's church has now become the S.O.E.'s base of operations in the area.

Hotel du Havre – The hotel that Skylar Saint Claire invites Sean Devlin over to.

Trivia Edit

  • Le Havre is the only place in the game where Kriegsmarine soldiers can be found.

External Link Edit

Le Havre on Wikipedia

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