La Villette
Saboteur 2015-01-08 13-21-05-69
Sean in front of La Villette Headquarters
SB LaVillette
La Villette Slaughterhouse on the map.
Vital statistics
Type Headquarters
Area Zone 1
Location Paris, La Villette
Country France SB France

La Villette was a slaughter house before the war. When the Nazis attacked Paris, they took over La Villette and chose it to become one of their prison camps, holding Resistance members and other people the Nazis objected to prisoner. La Villette becomes important in the game as Vittore Morini is arrested and brought to the prison camp. (Vittorre having been captured while Sean Devlin and Luc Gaudin were out during the mission: A Lil Walk in the Nazi Park.)

As a high profile location for the Nazis, it quickly became a target for the

British, being selected for a bombing run. The British attacked and bombed the whole camp while Sean and Luc attempted to rescue their friends, forcing Sean, Luc, Veronique, Vittore, Bishop and other refugees take shelter in the basement. This lead to La Villette, a now abandoned slaughterhouse and ex-prison camp, to become a hideout and headquarters for The Resistance in the first sector, being lead by Luc. As a hideout for Sean and The Resistance, it also comes with a Garage for Sean to store his vehicles. La Villette remains headquarters for The Resistance and a hide out for Sean until it is later destroyed.

There is a few boxes of Dynamite and Grenades beside the wall just beside of the back entry of the area (where Sean first entered La Villette's Slaughter house area).

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