Kruger pistol Sabotuer

The Kruger pistol


A light, compact and effective pistol. Best used at close range due to its weak level of damage, but nonetheless a useful weapon.


Rate of Fire-4/10


Given to the player and found on German Officers, SS Generals and Nazi engineers.


Based on Luger P08, in reality it could not share ammunition with the Mauser C96 A.K.A Raum or the .44 Pistol. The Luger was chambered in 9x19mm parabellum, and although a few C96s were also chambered in this calibre, they were unlikely to have made it on to the Parisian streets.

In real life the Kruger 98 pistol was a .12 single shot cap pistol also based on the Luger P08. It was sold for $3.00s in the 1950s (about $25 today) 

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