The Garage is where The Saboteur keeps his vehicles for use in Free Play and can use during missions.


The Garage is one of the most commonly used features in the game.This is where Sean Devlin can bring his vehicles and the Resistance will store them for him until he needs them. This feature is unlocked quite early in the game and afterwards, Sean can bring any car he encounters to the garage, after which can spawn the car whenever needed. At first, Sean can bring any civilian car, race car, or Nazi vehicle to the garage with the exception of tanks. Tanks can be stored later after Sean has collected all Nazi vehicles.

The garage is a part of every HQ and can be accessed as each HQ is unlocked.

Trivia: Edit

  • There are multiple vehicles that exist in the Saboteur but can't be brought to the garage and stored, including the Phoenix, and the V1 Opel Truck.
  • In a pre-release promotional picture of the Saboteur, a King Tiger tank is shown parked in the Le Havre garage, insisting it was a drive-able and store able vehicle, but has been cut from the game.