SB Foucalt

A few of these old French tanks survived the invasion. If you can find one, drive it to a museum.


The Foucalt is one of two French tanks in the game. It originates from the first world war and was a part of France's desperate defense to stop the German invasion. Most were destroyed, leaving only a few left, and one to find hidden in the country side. Being the oldest tank, it is also the least effective for understandable reasons.

The Foucalt is incredibly slow but has a fair acceleration when considering it's top speed. This makes it slightly more reliable when attempting to dodge attacks, but because it's turning is so slow, it is near impossible to dodge unless already facing the direction you wish to move. It's gun is fairly powerful, but not as effective as that of the Panzer of Wulf tank, and is more closely related to the AR-33 as far as it's weapon. Unlike the German tanks, the Foucalt lacks a secondary weapon.

Despite it's ineffectiveness, it is quite a unique vehicle and an interesting offset to the other tanks which are exclusively world war 2 technology.


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