SB Flammenwagen

The stuff of nightmares... A Nazi tank fitted with multiple flame throwers. If ya see one comin' at ya, run the other way.


The Flammwagen is unique as it is a modified/captured French tank (Char B1) from the battle of France but interestingly can be seen at Saarbrucken in the Prologue as a guard vehicle.

The Flammwagen is a Nazi tank that can be seen parked at key Nazi positions, often parked by other Nazi installations or positioned to block off the road with Nazi patrols. It is one of many tanks in The Saboteur and can only be found parked and unmanned in one unique spot in the game. It has a main tank turret like the other tanks, but is unique thanks to its multiple flamethrowers that fire where the player is aiming. They are placed to fire in the corners of the players view to take out any enemies attempting to flank the tank.

While its weaponry is very unique, its performance is not as spectacular. Its top speed and acceleration are not exceptionally high, nor is its turning. However, it makes up for these performance issues by having very effective weaponry against nearby infantry as well as medium to long range vehicles. While it is not the most ideal tank, it is very unique and interesting to drive. Its flamethrowers are much more effective at taking out enemy infantry than the machineguns mounted on other tanks. The flamethrowers are also highly effective at destroying cars, albeit only at very close range.

It should be noted that the Flammwagen is the only tank with a main cannon that is not perfectly accurate. The cannons on all of the other tanks will fire shells precisely where the player is aiming. However, at long ranges, the cannon of the Flammwagen appears to become inaccurate and the shots will veer off course. For engagements at most ranges, this is generally not an issue, however if the player is attacking targets that are very far away (such as attempting to shoot down Nazi airships), it will be difficult for them to hit their target.


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