Concept art image for the Aurora design.

The Aurora is the fastest car in the game, Sean's favorite car and Vittore's passion project. There's no car the player will get better acquainted with than this.


Speed-121 kph


Weight-675 kg

1372907-aurora thumb-1-

Garage icon for the Aurora.

The Aurora is the fastest car on the game and is Sean's car of choice. It was made by Vittore Morini  and is involved in a few missions. It can also be upgraded with a Nitro Burst and a Machine Gun through the Perks System. The Aurora single handedly outmatches any of Dopplesieg's cars including Dierker's own Silver Claw MK2. Sean's rivalry with Dierker starts with the Aurora as they faced off at the Saarbrücken Grand Prix when Dierker was pegged to lose before shooting out Sean's tire. The Aurora outclassed Dierker and again at a future race in the story. As the Aurora was needed for the Grand Prix which started the story, the Aurora is right in the crux of the story and is a story staple because of it.

Aurora can be owned by the player as the story progresses. The Aurora will eventually be unlocked in the Garage. Temporarily this is not the case after unlocking for a few missions when Vitorre is modifying the Aurora into the Phoenix. Afterwards the Aurora goes back to Sean's possession as it was prior. After this, the Phoenix is never accessible again.

The Aurora is the fastest car in the game and has good handling, making it one of the best choices of cars to use. Eventually it can be upgraded with the Nitrous which expands it's potential speed and use. Though it can have an MG-42 attached, the gun is not as practical as, for example, the dual guns on the Gestapo Cruiser. Despite this, the Aurora is very fast, handles well, and has a speed boost when needed making it a great choice, and the machine gun is available to add to it's defenses.