The .44 Pistol is a .44 caliber revolver in The Saboteur.


The most powerful pistol in game, the .44 is a deadly combination of firepower and range. When used in conjunction with the Tommy MG or Terror MP60, it is very effective. It has higher recoil and a smaller magazine than the other pistols in the game, however its high damage enables it to kill most enemies in a single hit.


Rate of Fire-5/10


It is unlocked upon completion of the War on Terror perk.


Aside from the player, only two people have a .44 Pistol in the game: a Gestapo general, who kills a prostitute and himself with it and a Wehrmacht officer, who is seen playing Russian Roulette; the officer never loses his life to the game (Unless you kill him).

It resembles a Smith & Wesson 44 Hand Ejector 2ND Model

It has the same traits in the game that it has in real life as it fires a 44 Special that coparates a medium powder charge with a big heavy bullet making it deavistating at close ranges but damage depletes over longer ranges.

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